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Vinicius Jr Speaks Out Against Racism in La Liga: Spain Must Confront Its Racism Problem



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La Liga News:-

During Madrid’s recent 1-0 defeat to Valencia, the game was paused for a period of 10 minutes after Vinicius Jr brought to the referee’s attention that he was being subjected to racist abuse by home supporters.


Following the incident where Vinicius Jr became involved in a scuffle with Valencia players, he was subsequently given a red card.

During the altercation, Vinicius Jr raised his hand and made contact with Hugo Duro’s face, prompting Duro to respond by putting the Madrid player in a headlock.


As the atmosphere grew increasingly tense both on and off the pitch, Vinicius Jr was given a red card and was heard telling Valencia fans within earshot that their team was going down.

In his remarks addressing the issue of racist abuse after the game, Vinicius Jr made serious allegations, accusing the Spanish Football Association and competing teams of “promoting” racism.


He further added that in his home country of Brazil, Spain is now referred to as “a nation of racists.”

In a tweet, Vinicius Jr expressed his views on the matter, stating that instances of racism were not limited to a one-time occurrence, but had happened repeatedly.


He went on to say that racism has become commonplace in La Liga, with the league, the Spanish Football Federation, and even rival teams contributing to it.

Vinicius Jr expressed regret over the current state of affairs, remarking that the league which was once graced by footballing legends such as Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi, has now become synonymous with racism.


He also spoke of his love for the country that had welcomed him but expressed disappointment that Spain had allowed itself to be seen on the world stage as a nation plagued by racism.

Although he acknowledged that not all Spaniards shared his opinion, Vinicius Jr reiterated that Spain has come to be perceived as a nation with a racism problem in his home country of Brazil.


He expressed his helplessness in defending the country against such allegations, given the frequent occurrences of racism in the league.

Despite this, he remained resolute in his stance against racism, vowing to fight against it even if it meant doing so from a distance.


Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Madrid, made a statement before Vinicius Jr’s tweet and stated that he did not wish to discuss football on that particular day, as he felt it was not appropriate to do so.

Expressing his disapproval of the racist chanting that took place during the match, the speaker stated that it was completely unacceptable.


He went on to say that he had advised the referee to halt the game in response to the incident.

According to him, La Liga has a serious problem with racism, and he emphasized the need to immediately stop the match whenever such episodes occur.


He also highlighted that in this particular case, it was not just a few individuals, but the entire stadium that was involved in the racist chanting.

The speaker stressed that even if his team were winning by a large margin, he would still insist on stopping the match in such situations.

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