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Jude Bellingham Reported to La Liga Over Alleged Comment towards Mason Greenwood



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Jude Bellingham, the midfielder for Real Madrid, has been reported to La Liga following allegations that he called Mason Greenwood, who is currently on loan at Getafe, a derogatory term during their recent fixture. Getafe officials have requested that the alleged comment be included in the referee’s match report, and an official complaint has now been lodged with La Liga.

During the match, Bellingham and Greenwood had several encounters on the field. After a tackle by Bellingham on Greenwood, the midfielder was seen on camera mouthing what appeared to be the word “rapist.” This incident was captured by fans watching the game on TV, leading to speculation and debate about what was actually said. Some fans suggested that Bellingham may have said “rubbish” instead.


In response to the complaint, La Liga has confirmed that they will be seeking the expertise of a lip reader to examine the footage and determine what was said. They have stated that they will act based on what can be proven beyond doubt by the lip reader’s analysis.

It is important to note that Mason Greenwood faced charges of attempted rape, controlling and coercive behavior, and assault in October 2022. However, these charges were dropped in February 2023 due to a lack of evidence and the withdrawal of key witnesses. Greenwood has vehemently denied all charges.


Greenwood’s future at Manchester United remains uncertain, and there have been suggestions that he may continue his career in Spain permanently. However, these reports are speculative at this point.

The investigation into Jude Bellingham’s alleged comment towards Mason Greenwood is ongoing, and La Liga will take appropriate action based on the findings of the lip reader’s analysis.


Please note that the allegations and investigation are separate from the content of this blog post and are provided for context purposes only.

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