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Sheikh Jassim is ‘bemused’ by assertions that Ratcliffe Man Utd’s proposal is superior



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Man united News :- Sheikh Jassim has expressed his bemusement at claims that Sir Jim Ratcliffe has made a superior offer for Manchester United.

Both billionaires have made their third bids for the club, as the Friday night deadline passed.


The Sheikh reportedly offered €5bn for full control of United along with a financial pledge to redevelop Old Trafford and the Carrington training centre.

In contrast, Ratcliffe is seeking a controlling stake that would see the Glazer brothers, Avram and Joel, maintain a combined 20% share, Ratcliffe’s offer is said to value United at a higher price than Jassim’s.


However, according to The Telegraph, the Qatari believes his offer is worth more than Ratcliffe’s.

Sources close to the Sheikh have said that he is bemused by suggestions that they have been outbid.


Unlike their rivals, the Qatari offer would leave the club debt-free, which they believe makes them the best prospective owners.

This latest development came as United’s current owners, the Glazer family, faced intense criticism from fans over their handling of the club.


In recent weeks, protests have taken place both outside Old Trafford and at the team’s training ground, with fans calling for the Glazers to sell up.

The Glazers have been in control of United since 2005, but their ownership has been controversial from the start.


Many fans have accused them of prioritising profits over on-field success, leading to a decline in the team’s fortunes in recent years.

Sheikh Jassim’s bid for United is part of a wider trend of wealthy investors looking to acquire top-tier football clubs.


In recent years, a number of high-profile acquisitions have taken place, with clubs such as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain coming under the ownership of wealthy individuals or groups.

While the influx of money has brought significant investment to the sport, it has also raised concerns about the impact of billionaire owners on the integrity of football.


Critics argue that the concentration of wealth in the hands of a small number of individuals risks creating an unlevel playing field, with only a handful of clubs able to compete at the highest level.

Despite these concerns, it seems likely that the trend of wealthy investors buying football clubs will continue.


As the sport becomes increasingly lucrative, it is likely to attract more and more interest from those seeking to make a profit.

Whether this is a positive development for the sport remains to be seen.

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