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HEARTHWARMING MOMENT: Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Heartfelt Tribute to Liverpool Supporters: “Anfield Mural”



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Trent Alexander-Arnold, the talented right-back for Liverpool, recently witnessed a remarkable tribute dedicated to the club’s supporters. A striking self-portrait mural painted on a row house near Anfield has garnered immediate attention and left a lasting impression on Trent and the fans.



Situated at the intersection of Sybil Street and Anfield Road, the three-story mural featuring Trent Alexander-Arnold has already gained media recognition. Today, Trent, accompanied by his older brother Tyler, had the opportunity to see the mural in person. The Anfield Wrap, a Liverpool FC fan podcast, organized the painting as a way to support young individuals and pay homage to an extraordinary season. Trent also had a heartfelt message for the local youth, believing that the artwork would symbolize something significant for them.


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Trent Alexander Arnold Liverpool mural

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During the official unveiling of the mural, Trent spoke to the ECHO and shared, “The main message that kids should be picking up from me and my story is that anything is possible and anything can happen – because I was once that kid in a Gerrard or Carragher shirt.” He credited the local players, who he saw as regular boys from Liverpool, for giving him the belief that dreams can come true. Rather than seeing the players as distant figures, he emphasized the importance of witnessing people living their dreams and inspiring others.



The impact of the mural on the neighborhood’s younger population is evident, as children wearing Trent shirts frequently visit the street to capture photos with the artwork. The mural was created by French graffiti artist Akse, who was also responsible for the Klopp mural in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. MGS Estates played a crucial role by allowing the modification of the side of their building for the mural to be painted.



Initially, Trent thought the concept of the mural was a joke, but when he saw the enormous artwork up close, he realized it was real and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. He expressed, “It’s something you always dream about, but you never realize that this could happen.” He extended his thanks to everyone involved in bringing the mural to life, emphasizing that it is a source of great pride for him and his family.

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