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Nike Unveils New Mercurial Shoes in Paris with Jadon Sancho



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This past weekend, Nike took center stage in Paris for a special launch event featuring Jadon Sancho, the talented English footballer who plays for Manchester United. The event showcased Nike’s latest iteration of the Mercurial shoes, introducing new colorways known as “New Lights” and “Under The Radar” for the Mercurial Superfly 7 and Vapor 13 models. These boots made their debut in the Women’s World Cup Final held in Lyon on Sunday.

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The “New Lights” colorway, featuring a striking blue design, will be worn by swift players from the USA and the Netherlands, symbolizing a new era of Nike’s emphasis on speed. However, before the tournament, Nike organized an extraordinary event in Paris, infusing the spirit of the Mercurial into the atmosphere. The event featured fast-paced football matches on a blue field, with international players from both the men’s and women’s games. The highlight was the delivery of the Mercurial shoes by drone against the backdrop of Paris’s picturesque Nanterre neighborhood. It served as a perfect conclusion to one season and a thrilling start to the next.


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Jadon Sancho, along with Caroline Graham of Norway and Andressa Alves of Brazil, showcased their skills on the field during the event. Nike designers also took the stage to discuss the innovative aspects of the new Mercurial project and how it would enhance performance. Stay tuned for in-depth interviews with the Nike design team, where they will delve into the challenges they faced and the creative process behind the new Mercurial shoes. Additionally, there will be an exclusive interview with Jadon Sancho, shedding light on his expanded role at Nike in shaping the next generation of shoes, reflecting on his remarkable 2018-19 season, and discussing his future as a player for Borussia Dortmund and England.

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And the excitement doesn’t end there. Tomorrow, July 8, Nike will release a limited edition drop of the first Mercurial shoes, adding to the anticipation surrounding this groundbreaking collection.


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