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Cristiano Ronaldo and Al-Nassr Teammates Embrace Saudi Culture in Video



Cristiano Ronaldo and sadio mane

Cristiano Ronaldo, along with his Al-Nassr teammates, recently featured in a video where they donned traditional Saudi attire and engaged in cultural activities, including wielding swords. The 38-year-old global superstar joined the Saudi Arabian club in December of the previous year and has seamlessly adapted to life in the Middle East. In addition to his on-pitch performances, Ronaldo has embraced Saudi culture off the field, as demonstrated by his appearance in the video.



The video, shared on the Al-Nassr social media account, showcases three children exploring the club stadium and encountering various stars participating in traditional Saudi activities. Towards the end of the video, Ronaldo joins Sadio Mane, both dressed in black bisht and white thobe, while Mane’s attire consists of a gold and cream bisht with a white thobe. Other players, including Marcelo Brozovic, Otavio, Talisca, and Alex Telles, also featured in the video.



The caption accompanying the video on Twitter reads, “All together. For one flag. We Dream, and Achieve,” followed by several emojis. It is likely that the video is connected to the ongoing celebrations surrounding Saudi National Day, which falls on Saturday.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s participation in the video showcases his willingness to immerse himself in the local culture and engage with the traditions of his new home. It highlights his enthusiasm for embracing new experiences and building connections with the fans and community. As Ronaldo continues his journey with Al-Nassr, his commitment to both on and off-field endeavors further strengthens his bond with the club and its supporters.



Sadio Mane Saudi Arabia culture

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