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WATCH: Jose Mourinho Insults Europa League Final Referee As He Waits In Garage



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During the UEFA Europa League Final last night between AS Roma and Sevilla, coach Jose Mourinho verbally attacked English referee Anthony Taylor.

The Spanish team emerged victorious, winning the competition for the seventh time in history in a penalty shootout after a 1-1 draw in 120 minutes.


Taylor was criticized for handing out 13 yellow cards, which is a record number of cards in a European Final.

Mourinho was particularly upset about a decision where his team was denied a penalty after a Sevilla player was hit by the ball in the penalty area.


In a video, Mourinho was heard expressing his anger towards the referee, stating “It’s a disgrace, man, it’s a disgrace,” in the parking garage at Puskas Stadium. Mourinho even encountered Taylor but the referee did not respond with profanity.

That was not enough for Jose, he went to the bus that was taking the referee from the field saying “Congratulations, you are a disgrace”.


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