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Manchester United Conduct Medical Tests on Altay Bayindir as Potential Goalkeeper Signing



Manchester United Conduct Medical Tests on Altay Bayindir as Potential Goalkeeper Signing

Manchester United is currently in the process of conducting medical tests on Altay Bayindir, the Fenerbahce goalkeeper, ahead of a potential move to Old Trafford this summer.

The pursuit of Bayindir by Manchester United indicates their intention to secure a top-class backup goalkeeper for Andre Onana.

However, concerns regarding Bayindir’s previous back problems need to be clarified before finalizing the deal.

The Pursuit of Altay Bayindir

According to sources, Manchester United has been actively pursuing Altay Bayindir, with manager Erik ten Hag eager to secure a reliable goalkeeper as a backup for Andre Onana.

The 25-year-old Turkish international has garnered significant attention in his homeland due to his impressive performances for Fenerbahce.

Manchester United’s interest in Bayindir indicates their intention to bolster their squad depth and maintain a competitive edge.

Medical Tests and Concerns

Before finalizing the deal, Manchester United is taking precautionary measures by conducting comprehensive medical tests on Altay Bayindir.

The club wants to ensure that the goalkeeper’s previous back problems will not hinder his performance or availability in the future.

These tests will play a crucial role in determining whether the transfer will proceed as planned or face potential complications.

Manchester United is known for prioritizing the long-term fitness and well-being of their players, making these medical tests an essential part of their decision-making process.

Altay Bayindir’s Skills and Accomplishments

Altay Bayindir possesses a formidable set of skills that have contributed to his growing reputation as a goalkeeper. Standing at an impressive 6ft 6in tall, he possesses an imposing physical presence that allows him to excel in commanding his area and dealing with aerial threats.

Additionally, Bayindir has showcased exceptional shot-stopping abilities throughout his career, consistently demonstrating his agility and reflexes.

Bayindir’s tenure at Fenerbahce has been characterized by impressive statistics. In 145 appearances, he has conceded just 162 goals and kept 44 clean sheets.

These figures highlight his ability to provide stability and reliability between the posts, making him a suitable option for Manchester United as a backup goalkeeper.

The Implications for Manchester United

If the medical tests yield positive results and Manchester United proceeds with the signing, Altay Bayindir would be a valuable addition to the squad.

With the potential transfer fee set at just over £4 million, acquiring a talented goalkeeper at such a reasonable cost would be considered a smart deal for the Premier League giants.

While Bayindir may not be considered the first-choice goalkeeper at Old Trafford, he would provide solid competition for the number one spot and offer reliable backup whenever needed.

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