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Luis Diaz celebrated his daughter’s birthday yesterday as his partner issued a sad plea to the ELN kidnappers



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It has been a week since Luis Manuel Díaz, the father of Liverpool star Luis Diaz, was taken hostage alongside his wife in Barrancas, Colombia. The National Liberation Army (ELN), a leftist anti-government guerrilla group, claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. However, in a surprising turn of events, the ELN has admitted that snatching Luis Diaz’s father was a mistake. Antonio García, a commander of the ELN, acknowledged the error and stated that Luis is seen as a symbol of Colombia within the group. While no specific date or time has been set for his release, the ELN has confirmed that they are guiding the process.

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As Luis Diaz’s partner, Gera Ponce, celebrated their daughter’s birthday, she made a heartbreaking plea to the kidnappers, expressing that the best gift for their two-year-old girl would be to have her grandfather, “Grandpa Mane,” by their side again. While Cilenis Marulanda, Diaz’s mother, was rescued shortly after the kidnapping, his father remains missing. Gera Ponce expressed her hope and trust in God for his safe return, sending a message of love to her daughter on her birthday.



Despite the ordeal, there is a glimmer of hope for the Diaz family. The ELN has confirmed that they will release Luis Diaz’s father after verifying his relation to the Liverpool star. Earlier, the ELN claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and offered reassurance that Luis Manuel would be released within a few hours. The process of releasing him is now underway, according to Juan Carlos Cuellar, a representative for the ELN. This development brings some relief to the family who have endured a challenging time.


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The ELN, founded in 1964 as a leftist anti-government group, has approximately 2,000 fighters and is considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union. The kidnapping of Luis Diaz’s father was reportedly orchestrated by a female fighter named Patricia, who is believed to be 40 years old. Speculation arose that the captive might be taken to Venezuela, but the recent announcement of his imminent release dispels those concerns.



The unexpected admission by the ELN that the kidnapping of Luis Diaz’s father was a mistake brings a glimmer of hope for the Diaz family. While the specific date and time of his release have not been determined, the ELN has confirmed that the process is underway. As the ordeal continues, the family and supporters of Luis Diaz remain hopeful for a safe and swift reunion. The international community stands in solidarity with them, urging a peaceful resolution to this distressing situation.


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