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Liverpool Star Luis Diaz’s Father Rescued from Kidnapping in Colombia



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Luis Diaz, the Liverpool footballer, has been struck by a distressing ordeal as his parents were kidnapped in Colombia. However, there is some relief as reports suggest that his father has been rescued, while his mother was already freed earlier. The kidnapping incident occurred in the town of Barrancas in Colombia’s Caribbean region.



According to local media from the La Guajira region, Luis Diaz’s father was rescued by the police in a daring operation that resulted in the deaths of two out of the four kidnappers. The rescue mission took place near an area called Los Barrancones, as the captors were attempting to escape towards the Colombian border with Venezuela, with the intention of smuggling their victim into the neighboring country.



Official confirmation from the local authorities regarding the successful rescue of Luis Diaz’s father is pending. However, there have been images circulating online showing his mother reuniting tearfully with relatives after her release.



A close friend of Luis Manuel Diaz, identified as Victor Medina, spoke to a Colombian radio station about the incident. He explained that the footballer’s parents had been traveling to the home of a relative of Cilenis, Luis’s mother, near a petrol station where they had just refueled their car. It was at this moment that they were ambushed by four armed men on motorcycles.

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Medina recounted, “It was 5:30 p.m. local time on Saturday. They had filled up with petrol and then went to a nearby neighborhood to collect something from a relative of Cilenis. That’s when the captors arrived, four men on motorbikes. They threatened them with weapons, made them get into the same vehicle, and sped off, with the other two kidnappers tailing them on a motorbike. They headed for a rural area, and the authorities were informed, leading to a pursuit.”



When asked about the possibility of a shootout between the captors and the authorities during Cilenis’s rescue, Medina replied, “I haven’t had the chance to speak to her yet. It’s a difficult situation. She’s back at home with doctors because we know she arrived quite distressed after what has been a trauma for her. We’re just waiting for everything to calm down a bit before we speak with her.”


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Medina further emphasized the high regard and respect that Luis Manuel Diaz and his family enjoy in Barrancas, stating, “Luis Manuel Diaz is a person who is much loved in Barrancas, and there’s never been any talk of threats. He and his family are highly appreciated in this municipality, and that is why he always felt calm and safe here. But there is always going to be someone who wants to harm a family, a family that is bringing a lot of glory and recognition to Barrancas. The general public rejects acts like this targeting a much-loved and respected family in our municipality.”



Liverpool Football Club, in response to the situation, released a statement expressing their awareness and concern. The club stated that the welfare of Luis Diaz and his family remains their immediate priority, and they hope for a swift and safe resolution to the matter.

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As the news unfolds, fans and supporters around the world are sending their thoughts and prayers to Luis Diaz and his family during this challenging time.

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