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Liverpool manager acknowledges the team faced a “crisis” this season but believes they have emerged stronger from the experience.



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Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool Football Club, has acknowledged that the team faced a “crisis” this season but believes that the experience has made them stronger for the future. Despite challenging for the quadruple last season, Liverpool has not won any trophies this term and was knocked out of the EFL Cup and FA Cup in the fourth round.

The team’s hopes of finishing in the top four of the Premier League are slim, but a seven-game unbeaten run, including five consecutive wins, has seen them turn a corner. Klopp believes that the team has gained valuable experience from the difficult periods and has come through it together.

He attributes Liverpool’s challenges to a short pre-season and injuries to key players, including Sadio Mane’s replacement Luis Diaz. Klopp maintains his self-belief in what he is doing at Liverpool through his experience in the game, having watched more football than 99.9% of the population on the planet.

He remains optimistic about the future, seeing plenty of potential in the evolving squad ahead of next season. Klopp loves the team, describing it as a “really good group” with a great age-wise basis and super young talents.

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