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Klopp praised the four players leaving the club this summer with special praise for Milner and Firmino



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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has expressed his gratitude to the four players who will be leaving the club when their contracts expire next month. James Milner, Roberto Firmino, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Naby Keita will all receive an emotional send-off at Anfield against Aston Villa. Klopp acknowledged that Firmino and Milner, who arrived in the summer of 2015, have played a greater role in the club’s success, but insisted that all four players have made significant contributions.


Klopp praised Milner’s incredible number of games for the club, stating that he is the manager Milner has played the most games for in his career. He also had high praise for Firmino, stating that he loves the player and that nothing good that has happened in the last few years would have been possible without him.


Klopp also spoke about Oxlade-Chamberlain’s unfortunate injury problems, stating that he was pretty much irreplaceable during the 2018 Champions League game against Roma. He acknowledged that Naby Keita had a lot of expectations placed on him when Liverpool spent a lot of money to acquire him, but injuries prevented him from fulfilling them.


While Milner has been heavily linked with a move to Brighton, the futures of the other three players are less clear. Klopp wished them all well and expressed his hope that they would find a place where they are as much respected and needed as they were at Liverpool. Klopp also acknowledged that while thedeparture of these four players marks the end of an era, it is a good moment for the club to start writing a new chapter.


Klopp concluded by saying that he will be forever thankful to the departing quartet, as without them, nothing would have happened for Liverpool. He stated that they were super-important in all they did for the club and that they deserve the emotional send-off they will receive at Anfield.


Overall, Klopp’s words demonstrate the high regard in which he holds these players and the impact they have had on Liverpool during their time at the club. As Liverpool looks to build for the future, they will undoubtedly miss the contributions of Milner, Firmino, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Keita, but they will always be remembered as legends of the club.

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