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Harvey Elliott Acknowledges Mohamed Salah’s Impact on His Liverpool Journey




Harvey Elliott, the talented young player for Liverpool, has expressed his appreciation for the influence of Mohamed Salah in his career after the Egyptian forward led the Reds to a comeback victory against Crystal Palace. Salah’s crucial role in the match, where he scored his 200th goal for Liverpool, impressed Elliott, who came off the bench to secure a stoppage-time winner. The mentor/mentee relationship between the two players was highlighted as Elliott credited Salah for his growth and vital contribution to the team’s success.



Elliott spoke highly of Salah’s impact on his development as a player, emphasizing that the late goal he scored against Crystal Palace exemplified what he had learned from the Egyptian superstar. The young player expressed his gratitude for Salah’s constant support since his breakthrough into the first team, describing the experience of playing alongside the world-class winger as a pleasure. Elliott acknowledged Salah’s dedication and work ethic, praising him for deserving his 200th goal milestone and highlighting his unwavering commitment to the game.



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Salah’s influence on Elliott extends beyond match performances. The Liverpool star revealed that he has been working with Elliott individually after training sessions and in the gym to help him improve. Salah emphasized the importance of hard work and going the extra mile to achieve significant accomplishments. He expressed his belief in Elliott’s potential and encouraged him to continue putting in the effort to excel. Salah’s involvement goes beyond football matters, as he also acts as a mentor and provides support to the young players on a personal level.




Elliott’s match-winning goal against Crystal Palace marked his first of the season in all competitions, with the youngster often coming off the bench to make an impact. The club holds him in high regard, recognizing his talent and potential. Salah’s guidance and mentorship have played a significant role in Elliott’s development, and the Liverpool star believes that the young player has a bright future ahead. He encourages Elliott to continue working hard and assures him of his unwavering support, both on and off the pitch.



Harvey Elliott’s acknowledgment of Mohamed Salah’s influence highlights the importance of mentorship and guidance in football. Salah’s mentorship has had a profound impact on Elliott’s growth as a player, and their on-field partnership has been a source of joy for both individuals. As Elliott continues to progress in his career, Salah’s support and dedication to helping him improve remain unwavering. With Salah’s guidance and the promising talent of Elliott, Liverpool can look forward to a bright future filled with success and development.

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