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Alexis Mac Allister and Roberto De Zerbi Share Heartwarming Reunion after Liverpool’s Draw with Brighton



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In a touching moment of sportsmanship, Alexis Mac Allister and Brighton & Hove Albion manager Roberto De Zerbi shared an embrace following Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with the Seagulls. Mac Allister, who recently made a move from Brighton to Liverpool in a £35 million transfer, faced his former team for the first time in his career during Sunday’s match.



Mac Allister spent four years at Brighton, from 2019 to 2023, before departing for Anfield in June. The 24-year-old midfielder lined up against his former teammates as Liverpool battled it out on the South Coast, with Mohamed Salah scoring a brace in the first half. Unfortunately for Liverpool, Brighton managed to secure a late equalizer, resulting in a 2-2 draw.

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After the final whistle, Mac Allister took the opportunity to show his appreciation to the Brighton supporters, parading around the Amex Stadium. It was a special moment for the Argentine, as he interacted with the fans for the first time since his move to Liverpool.



What made the reunion even more heartwarming was the presence of Roberto De Zerbi, the Brighton manager. De Zerbi and Mac Allister shared a warm embrace, showcasing their mutual respect and admiration. The sight of the two figures coming together displayed the camaraderie and bond that can transcend team rivalries.


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De Zerbi even encouraged the Brighton fans to join in and demonstrate their appreciation for Mac Allister’s time at the club. It was a testament to the positive impact Mac Allister had during his stint with Brighton and the lasting impression he left on his former manager.



While the match ended in a draw, the post-game reunion between Mac Allister and De Zerbi served as a reminder of the human connections that can exist in the world of football. It showcased the ability of the sport to bring people together, even in the midst of fierce competition.

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For Mac Allister, it was a chance to bid farewell to the Brighton faithful and express his gratitude. And for De Zerbi, it was an opportunity to acknowledge and honor the contributions of a player who once wore the Brighton jersey with pride.


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The moment captured the essence of sportsmanship and camaraderie, reminding us all that the beautiful game extends beyond the boundaries of wins and losses.

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