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Klopp demands rematch after Luis Diaz goal wrongly disallowed



Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has expressed his belief that a replay should be the only outcome following the controversial events that unfolded during the match against Tottenham on Saturday. Despite acknowledging that not everyone will agree with his stance, Klopp emphasized the importance of dealing with the situation appropriately.



Speaking ahead of Liverpool’s Europa League match against Union SG, Klopp clarified that he was not angry about what had transpired, but he strongly advocated for a replay. He stated, “The audio didn’t change it at all… What I want to say is, it’s really important, as big and important as football is, that we really deal with it in a proper way.”

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Klopp acknowledged that the mistakes made by the officials, including the on-field referee, linesman, fourth official, and VAR, were not intentional. He emphasized the need to recognize that it was an obvious mistake and suggested that there could have been alternative solutions to rectify the situation.


While Klopp acknowledged that a replay might not happen and that the argument against it is the potential precedent it could set, he argued that the unprecedented nature of the incident warranted a replay. He expressed his belief that a replay would be the right thing to do if a similar situation were to occur again in the future.


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The Liverpool manager also proposed an alternative solution, suggesting that the referee could have gathered the coaches together and acknowledged the mistake, allowing Liverpool to score a goal and reset the match from there. Klopp highlighted the significance of the timing of the disallowed goal, as Liverpool conceded just two minutes after scoring what should have been a valid goal. He explained how the subsequent sequence of events would have been different had the goal been allowed.



Klopp made it clear that he harbored no anger towards the officials involved, emphasizing that they undoubtedly felt remorse for their errors. He believed that no further punishment was necessary. However, he expressed his frustration with the other decisions made throughout the match, which compounded the difficulties faced by Liverpool on that day.

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When asked if Liverpool would request a replay from the Premier League, Klopp stated that they were still gathering information and trying to understand the situation. He emphasized that while working on solutions and understanding the issue was important, it did not address the problem at hand, which involved crucial points being at stake. In Klopp’s view, a replay would be the appropriate decision in this particular case.

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